Speaking with a real live operator makes all the difference to your staff and your callers. At HCAS our operators are knowledgeable, polite, and friendly making your clients feel more comfortable. Whether it’s a patient calling with an issue or a member of your on-call personnel calling with a change our operators are ready and able to take your calls.

✓ 100{6c104b00553263fcd8cc4228d0f29314aee74140b35c2296f233f2c7cf9e1a60} Real Live Operators

✓ 24/7 Op Staff

✓ Dedicated Customer Service Department

✓ Multi-Lingual Staff

✓ 100{6c104b00553263fcd8cc4228d0f29314aee74140b35c2296f233f2c7cf9e1a60} Health Care Experience Staff

✓ Minimal Hold Times

✓ Fast, Friendly, Courteous

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