Notification & Delivery

After the operators have successfully obtained the necessary information from your callers, the next step would be to dispatch those messages to your on call or office staff members. We offer all major forms of messages delivery to our clients included complete HIPPA Compliant Secure applications.

  • SMS/Text with Reply Confirmation
  • MiSecure Messaging Application (HIPPA)
  • Standard SMS/Text
  • Email
  • Online Message Retrieval
  • Call Phone (Home/Cell)
  • Fax

Each notification method can be used to instantly send messages to your on-call staff and office personnel. Many of these methods have back up features to ensure we are reaching someone every time.

SMS with “Reply Confirmation”

SMS/TXT with Reply sends a standard text message, but requires a response from the recipient to CONFIM the message was received. This feature eliminates errors caused by the service provider or the person receiving the message. If we don’t receive a response our operators will follow backup procedurethat will be discussed during your account set up.

MiSecure Messaging 

MiSecure is a messaging application built for iPhone®, iPad™ and Android™ mobile devices. This application is 100% HIPPA Compliant and replaces outdated paging technology. MiSecureenables users to send and receive encrypted messages from anywhere in the world.

Online Web Retrieval

Using our Online message retrieval allows your on-call staff to review, print and accept messages right from our website. By selecting the client login button at the top of our page you can access your account and review new messages or update old messages that were stored.

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